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Wellllllll…………it’s been an interesting couple of weeks.

I learned something about myself. I am a horrible, terrible, aweful fighter! So as you may or may not have heard it is true ~ I got myself into a bit of a tussle and I am not to proud to say that I definately, most definitely, lost. Not only did I lose but after the first punch came I found myself on the ground so fast that I couldn’t even register what the heck had happened before the next one came. Oh and by the way….all that talk about protecting your face and all those lessons I have had here…..well, they don’t work. At least for me they don’t work. I couldn’t even think straight let alone think about protecting my face and that being said….well, I am toothless in jail once again, only this time it isn’t going to be as easy to fix as last time. And I am still, after almost 3 weeks, sporting the remains of what was two very black eyes, but no more fat, cut up lip, and my nose….well that’s a whole other story. The jury is still out on that one. It isn’t broken, but it’s got a pretty flat ridge on it and a not so nice cut that didn’t heal up to be very attractive.

So what did I learn from all of this? Never, ever, ever, never get in the middle of a argument between a “stud broad” and her girlfriend. Doesn’t matter if the girlfriend is right AND she’s your friend AND you feel sorry for her…..just don’t do it. That’s what I have learned. And I learned that instead of protecting my face I should learn some ninja turtle moves on how to get back up in a flash if I get knocked down…..or maybe I should just stay the same with a big heart for the underdog and stay out of people’s business. Hmmmmmm for me that seems like an almost impossible task but I do need to keep in mind that “Toto, I am not in Kansas anymore” and the rules here are just different.

Sure glad I am in a “correctional facility” by government definition!!!! Sure hope they are correcting something here. I for one still have not figured out what it is but hey, it’s the government so they must be doing something right. Maybe it’s top secret information not meant for any of us to know?????

Oh and the other thing I learned….if you get in a fight and even if it wasn’t your fault or you didn’t participate, well, you still get to go to the SHU (Special Housing Unit) and hang out for a couple of weeks….another reason I should probably mind my own business:)

So, there you have it, for all of those that have been so worried and not hearing from me I have been a bit of an adventure. Strangly, it’s not as bad as I always thought it would be but it sure wasn’t fun either.

Hope everyone’s summer is as adventurous as mine has been in a very different way:)



Happy Anniversary!

Today is my (well I can’t remember exactly how many year) anniversary to my husband that I love more than anything in the whole wide world. This anniversary feels different than past ones in that we have traveled down the road to hell and back and we made it! We made it in so many ways. We are more in love, we are stronger, we are more committed not only to each other but our family, than we have ever been and we now know, for sure, that NOTHING will ever come between us, destroy us or take us down. I have gotten to see him twice now, here in beautiful Dublin California, (well I actually don’t know if Dublin is all that beautiful, I don’t get out much) and our visits have been non stop talking, encouraging, planning and just plain supporting each other. I am blessed immeasurably by a God that has been to every single day that I am living right now and knows what lies ahead in our future. And it’s all good, amazing in fact.

I can’t wait to get out of here and when I do, well watch out because you never know what will happen right? That’s all I am going to say about that FOR NOW:) I know I have a wonderful husband, a beautiful family and friends that are all waiting and will be there with open arms and I can’t wait to see them.

I got moved back to A/B unit so am super happy about that. It’s so much quieter here and lot’s more room. It’s always interesting getting used to new room mates and how that all works. But it’s all good.

Update On My Mom…

So many of you have inquired into how my mom is doing so wanted to give you an update. I actually got to speak with her on the phone yesterday when I called my dad’s cell phone. He put her on speaker and the minute she heard my voice she started crying and telling me how much she missed me. It broke my heart. It was super hard to understand what she was saying but I believe the gyst of it is that she is working really hard trying to learn to speak again and doing her physical therapy. Last Wednesday they moved her to Mt. Angel where there is a facility that will help her get strong enough to go back to the hospital in Salem and enter the PT section of the hospital where they focus on rehabilitation. She isn’t strong enough to be able to do it now. Dad said the move the the facility in Mt. Angel was pretty tough on her but she’s a trooper and is not complaining at all, she just gets very tired. When she starts her rehab she will be doing it 6 times a day for a half an hour a day. That process will take about 3 weeks and then they will release her to go home if she does well.

Dad also said that she is getting some feeling back on the bottom of her right foot and she sits up now in a wheelchair to eat using her left hand. She is just so happy to have the feeding tubes out of her nose. She kept pulling them out and everytime she did they would have to take her down stairs to x-ray to put them back in.

So all in all God is working miracles in her life. While she knows who people are it’s still unclear how her memory is so we don’t know if she remembers a lot of events. Dad said she doesn’t even know she smoked for most of her life so she isn’t missing that, but she knew I was not home and knew why I think so it’s up in the air. My brother said she always responds to him and his girlfriend, but doesn’t say much about the past. We just keep praying for complete healing and appreciate everyone’s prayers as well.

Love to all.


The thing that I have dreaded the most happened….

The thing that I have dreaded the most happened…..first the e-mail saying to call home ASAP and then everyone saying that the counselor had been calling my name on the intercom to come to his office right away……the dread of not wanting to call home, and not even wanting to go to the counselors office because nothing good could be waiting and the news wasn’t going to be anything I wanted to hear. My mother had a major stroke, is in ICU, surrounded by tons of family and friends that are loving and supporting and will be on their knees praying non stop for her and my father, thankfully. For me, it’s hard for me to even picture what is going on, to process it, what it looks like, what it means, any of it really. I felt so many things when I heard the news, thankful beyond words that no one had died, and that my children, and grandchildren were safe, something I pray for daily, and yet my mom in a single moment can’t talk, or walk, or recognize my dad, or brother, or girls? How did that happen? So what I can do from here is pray, and be still, and talk to my girls and think, and wonder, and be thankful that I have a slew of memories to hold onto.

I have seen so many woman since I have been here go through this process of something happening to a family member. Everyone handles tragedy differently, but the one overriding thing that seems to happen to all of us when there is simply nothing we can do to help, surrounded in an environment where really we know no one, and we are not surrounded by friends or family, is that it just doesn’t seem real. It’s so hard to explain or put into words but I have heard many woman say that they feel like the death of a child, parent, or loved one or any type of tragedy while incarcerated doesn’t quite hit home because they are not there, they have not seen it, and therefore they are not experiencing the full impact of what happened.
I have a really good idea of what happened, and it’s not good, but I do know this….I am a fighter and I got it from someone and I would like to think that my mom had quite a bit to do with that so she is going to fight as well. First, she is going to rest and then she is going to start the long road to recovery and she will be victorious because she has one hell of a man standing beside her who is one of the toughest, logical, strongest men I know so she is in really good hands. And more than all of that with God on her side fighting the battle for her, well that’s all any of us really need to know. She’s in awesome hands.


Birthday Weekend

Sometimes certain birthdays and events stand out in our lives more than others. I will never forget my 50th birthday party, I had the greatest friends a person could ever hope for surrounding me, or my 30th birthday, as it still marks the one birthday that I felt my age more than any other for some reason…..but this birthday weekend, well it takes the cake! I got to see Kevin after 2 years. I still think there is some message in the fact that I got to see him exactly 2 years to the date from the last time I physically was able to touch him, and I will tell you this, after 5 minutes it was like no time had passed at all. It’s odd how that happened. It was like we were on a picnic, sitting outside drinking coffee just chatting away. So much to talk about, so many stories to tell. We laughed and laughed, and planned and talked.

When he left, with Megan, I was sad, but actually felt more excited than sad because I knew he would be back and I also knew that we had passed a huge milestone in our lives and what this really means is we are on to bigger and more exciting times. It was also a great reminder after living here day in and day out that I have such a great life, and the best kids, grand kids and friends a person could ever hope to find.

So while we are allowed only a hug and a kiss when we first see each other, and a hug and a kiss when we leave, our connection is so strong that nothing can break it, and look out when I get home! I called Sara last night, Sunday, to talk to her and London and she said, “Mom, Kevin said you looked so so good he couldn’t believe it!” I laughed, because truthfully, on the 2nd day he did keep telling me that, but I am kinda thinking this is either like the pink swimsuit story, where I only heard about what he really thought a year later, OR it’s that of course I looked really really good, the poor man has been all alone for 2 years, OR he really is excited that I do look wwwwawaaaaayyyyyyy better than I did when we started this prison journey:) And for me, all that really matters is that my husband was here and he really really really was excited to see me and thinks I look great!

Husband, if you are reading this, know that you are the most amazing man, steadfast, honorable, filled with integrity, strong, loving, solid, and I am blessed to call you my own. Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you! Now don’t forget to put cream on your face okay? hahahahahah (you knew that was coming)

What an amazing week it has been…

I got to talk to Kevin for the first time in 2 years. Well, we did get to hear each others voices once when we were both teleconferenced in on a court hearing about a year ago and that felt like the most amazing thing that ever happened. This, this was truly like winning the lottery. Lot’s of things happened that I didn’t expect. I had 300 minutes to “burn up” before I re-validated in one week. (we are only allowed to use 300 minutes worth of phone calls per month) When I tell you I used every minute, I used every minute. So, after the 2nd call I was instantly transported back in time to a place as though nothing has happened. It was like every time in our lives that I have ever picked up the phone and called my husband. I.LOVED.IT!!!! Second, and what I didn’t anticipate, is that it made me miss him more than ever! So many times in a day now when I find myself deeply missing that man! I wish we were golfing, I wish I was in the yard working, I wish we could be sitting on the deck with a glass of wine, I wish I was cooking dinner at home right now, I wish, I wish, I wish. All of the wishes with him in the picture. Don’t get me wrong I have always missed him but now….Oh how I miss that man. All of that being said the very best part was I got to pester him:) It was only after about the 5th call that it started. It just came back. I didn’t mean for it too it simply just rolled out of my mouth…..honey……are you putting cream on your face every morning and every single night? There was silence on the other end of the phone for quite a few seconds. Helllllllooooo, helllllooooo, then, “no, I have not been putting cream on my face!” And then we started laughing. Ah ha! Now are you still so happy to hear my voice mister? Of course he was. (and a few days later I did receive an e-mail saying that he had started putting cream on his face again:)

About 3 days into our phone calls I was telling Kevin I was laying in bed early one morning thinking, ohhhhh I wish my husband was here to bring me a cup of coffee and wave it in front of my nose like he always does to get me out of bed, when a memory of something he said sharply interrupted my beautiful thoughts….so of course I jumped straight up out of bed because I had to clarify it with him, you know I can call him now. It went like this. “Hello? Hi honey, it’s me. Hi love, how are you this morning? Well, thank you. Hey you know when we were talking the other day and you said “have you been thinking about what you are going to do when you get home? Yes. Well what exactly did you mean by that because it sounded like you have all kinds of plans for what I should be doing when I get home, and can I at least lay around for a few days?” He said NO!!!! The he capitulated and said yes for a couple of days, but warned me that the minute I get home that the days of napping, reading, exercising whenever I wanted and just hanging out are OVER!!!!! Imagine that!

So life has been awesome just hearing the voice that grounds me, makes me smile, makes me laugh, gives me comfort and that I have grown to depend and lean on.

Valentine’s Day

What a weekend. It’s interesting how different our perspectives on certain holidays can be when we are taken completely out of the lifestyle we have become accustomed to living. Take for instance my present location (okay prison let’s just say that) and an all woman’s prison that, agree or disagree, has a large degree of gay people and let’s face it, we are woman so by nature we love Valentines Day. Hearts, flowers & love abound. It was and always is on every holiday fun for me to sit back and watch what goes on in the making, planning and executing gifts, decorations or just simply displays of affection by making food, planning a special meal etc. A great deal of these woman are truly gifted in what they can pull off with next to nothing! It was really fun to watch, until the morning of Valentines Day that is when the compound officers started taking and throwing into the trash anything that even looked like it had anything to do with Valentines Day. Then they proceeded to spread the word to all the units early in the morning that they better not see anyone walking across the compound with anything that looked like it either. (Well good morning to you as well) Why you ask? Who knows. I am sure if you ask them they have some BOP explanation that they are going to use to justify why they would take something that someone spent hours using their creative minds to make and simply trash it. If you ask the woman here…well they have a completely different theory that ranges from, “they are just jealous that no one got them anything for Valentines Day ” to “their just complete jerks” to well the rest, I probably shouldn’t repeat here. But alas, we are woman and the game then became how to get around the officers that were behaving badly!

The other thing that I discovered this weekend is that all these geese that fly in here every fall, and there are a ton of them, have such an amazing mating story. When they mate they mate for life!!!! Isn’t that awesome? They mate on water, then come back to the same place they were born every single year. However, what is still up in the air is which place do they go? Where the male was born or the female?

My other Valentines Day weekend story is one that melts my heart. My sweet husband was speaking to someone that is fairly prominent in Bend’s social circles the other day and after all the perfunctory topics and questions were out of the way the man asked him how I was and if we were still married. Kevin responded, “they can take everything I own in my life, but they will never take my wife away from me.” Melted my heart. I have always known that God blessed me the day I met that man but he just keeps reminding me every single day just how blessed I am. And by the way husband, I feel the exact same way, my Valentine for life!

Last, while I was sitting in visiting finishing up a morning visit with a great friend, I looked up and who was walking through the door completely unannounced is one of my beautiful daughters! On her way from LA to Portland her plane landed in San Francisco, broke down and she had a 8 hour lay over until she could get on her flight so she rented a car, bought some shoes that they would let her in with, and here she was! So awesome!

Okay that’s my new take on Valentines Day. My last thought is that in watching TV the morning of Valentines Day it seems like everything was geared to what if you forgot Valentines Day and needed to pull something together really quick? Shouldn’t Valentines Day be every day if your in love? I don’t know maybe I have to much time on my hands:) Or maybe I am madly in love:)