My New Found Friends at Dublin

by Tamara Sawyer

This week is bringing lot’s of new things here at Dublin. Lot’s of people leaving, some rather unexpectantly.   As I stated before I have lot’s of new friends in the short time I have been here, most of whom I would have never guessed would become friends.  I have thought about it a lot over the past few weeks, as each of them has their own unique personalities and I have all of their permissions to share this with you:
Sharon:  Love love love this girl.  She’s the 6 foot tall “tweeker” girl that has more energy in her body than all of us put together.  She is leaving because she was only here on a parole violation.  The daily argument with Sharon is how she is going to “stay on the up and up when she get’s out?”  She works as a cook at KFC and she is deciding whether or not she should just do “one or two” deals just to get her a car and some additional funds to get “back on her feet.”  We argue and laugh all the time as she tries to explain to us how she’s for sure not going to get caught this time.
Tracy:  Such a sweet spirit, always laughing, back in on a parole violation and she’s leaving next week so we have all been planning her going away party.  It will be lot’s of fun.  She’s the most giving, loving woman.  Now she has taught me that there are people out there that have a husband, and a wife, and a girlfriend, and a boyfriend.  We argue all the time about what purpose that serves….She thinks it’s great.  Can’t help but love her……
Ross:  This is the saddest one.  She has been here for 18 months at this facility, has 4 more years to go.  In that 18 months never really met anyone she connected with so requested to be moved to Texas where she can participate in a faith based program they have there.  She was immediately accepted and then in came Tracy, Sharon, me and Rachel and we all became great friends so she is very sad that she is leaving tomorrow.  We did get to have our first ever party where we all “cooked” rather than have the dinner in the dining hall.  That was fun.  We had bean and cheese burrito’s, cheesy rice w/summer sausage and we made a cheesecake as well.  (well her room mates made it but we got to eat it).  We went to undercover recreation (outside rec) to eat it, being led by Sharon (tweeker) who swore that it was okay, even though we were the only people there, kept saying trust me you guys, when we all doubted and were nervous, only to find out in fact we WERE NOT supposed to be there and narrowly missed getting an out of bounds shot.  But we laughed and boy was it fun.  If that’s the worst thing I do to get in trouble it’s all good.
Daisy:  Love her, I came here with her.  She is chinese and her and her husband own a business in LA where they sell plush animals to Wal Greens and Mexico that come from China.  When they started their Mexico business, and they make a fortune doing this, their accountant told them to keep all their deposit’s under 10K (mexico only deals in cash) so that they didn’t have to pay the accountant so much to document the transactions and wham……2 years later conspiracy charges.  They reported every dime they made just didn’t do it over 10K.  They have 2 kids at home, made a deal where one serves then the other, wrote a check to the gov’t for 2 million in fines and off they go….she’s a little tiny thing and so cute.  

Rachell: she comes from Texas. She has been in I believe county jail (state) for about 6 years and has 2 more to go now for Federal so she came with me from Las Vegas. She looks exactly like she should be a native american indian, and in fact most of the natives here think she is but she is hispanic believe it or not. Beautiful super long jet black hair. She is the one that always says……ohhhhh noooo that will go right over Tamara’s head, she will never understand what you just said and then also promptly tells me to plug my ears, nothing about the conversation is anything I need to hear:) She also told me that my only form of self protection was going to be a “lock & sock” which is a lock inside a sock. She says I am to nice to fight:) So now I just tell them all when someone makes me mad that I am going to “lock & sock” them. No one’s afraid though:(

Rose: She’s from Texas as well, not sure why she’s here but I think it’s a parole violation. She’s the one that asked the girls in the TV room if they wanted to “box” when they tried to turn the channel. She has a real mean face and always gives every one the “stink eye” but she’s got a huge heart and is beautiful as well.

Vonda: A black woman from Florida that has been in already for 9 years here and is going to be here another 4 years I believe. Drug selling. She’s an amazing woman. I love love love the way the black woman talk here. Very dramatic and every sentence that has anything to do with what someone said or did is followed immediately by “I’m not lyin, girl, I be tellin you da truth” I laugh so hard just listening to them. Vonda is in charge of all the quilting, teaches it, manages the sewing room I am always in and has taken me under her wing for some reason. It’s super hard apparently to get in that room because so much contriband is made. There is no altering of any clothes here whether we buy them or they were assigned to us but everyone does it. She tries to act super gruff but I can see right thru it and we have become great friends.

Rosa: My hispanic room mate that does not speak a lick of english. She is such a sweet woman. We have this language all our own. It’s really unique that no matter what I am trying to tell her by acting it out she knows exactly what I am saying. We are teaching each other now:) One of her friends came the other day and said “Rosa wants you to know how much she likes you” “she thinks you are a very very nice woman” sosoosososo sweet.

Bobbie: California’s most notorious female bank robber. She has a shaved head and tatoo’s everywhere!!! Here real name is Yvonne. Imagine that. AND I would just like to point out that she robbed like 16 banks over a span of 10 years and she got 8 years! Go figure!!!!

Oh and I won’t tell you a name on this wonderful lady but for whatever reason I think I am more fascinated that she got away with this for so long. Her little group went to the ship yards, loaded their semi’s with brand new cars, changed the VIN numbers, she is a computer expert, got into DMV made new titles for them and then they sold them. Made a fortune over the years. She’s back on a parole violation this time but said that after she had been in for 18 months she was contacted by Dodge and Toyota who offered to pay her to find out how she broke into their system and was able to take the vehicles out of their inventory. She declined because “she has so many friends that are still doing it!!!!” Oh boy!

Okay I saved this for last. Most people might not understand why I think this is so funny and why I like this woman so much so all I can say is you would have to know her to love her. Her name is Krista, and she is probably my age maybe a little younger. She is here because she is a terrorist. She threatened to kill Obama 9 times!!!! 9! that’s right. The secrect service comes to visit her every 6 months. She carries a picture, she got out of Obama’s book he wrote, made a copy of it, and pasted it on the back of her ID card that we have to carry with us all the time. Its the one of him signing the health care bill and she said it’s him signing her pardon. She’s hysterical. No particular reason why she hates him so bad, she just does. She taught me the saying “if your on the run, don’t look at the sun!” Ha it cracks me up for some reason. She said they can find you if your a terrorist by satellite imaging and that’s in fact how they found her. She went to the “shoe” 2 days ago because she was making Hooch, which is alcohol. She argues with every guard, makes a huge scene where ever she goes but always has a smile on her face.

There you go that’s the line up of my friends………..Good think I am 50 and don’t have to have the lecture from my mom and dad about who I am hanging out with:) Jesus friend of sinners, make my heart see grace and mercy:)