Bend Bulletin

by Tamara Sawyer

Wow, I can hardly wait to read Sheila Miller’s apparent interest in this blog. First, thank you everyone for all the great comments and e-mails cheering me on. I am so lucky because I can’t imagine how much money it must cost to place an ad as large as the space the Bulletin continues to give me:)

Dear Bend Bulletin: Your yellow dog journalism hasn’t effected this family. We stand united and are stronger than ever. Love, The Sawyers

And to everyone else, it’s one thing to be “bitten” privately, but an entire other thing when your bitten publicly. I believe that the reason God allows us to go thru things so publicly is so that everyone watching can watch us walk thru it with faith. We have learned that the gossip and opinions of people that do not know us mean little, and bounce off the shield around us. It’s character and the army of friends and family that really matter, that and our profound love for each other. We have only grown stronger and better. When your whole life is on fire and the building’s are burning, and most people are running out in a panic, the ones running in without thought, well, those are the true hero’s. We have been blessed with many of just such people. It only means God is with us, stronger than ever. How do I know? Because we are not burned up. We are still standing, anchored deep. When all hell is breaking loose, God sustains us. It’s His presence that makes everything turn out right. Having a deep faith in God, and being a Christian does not mean we are void of fires and going thru hell, it just means it won’t destroy us.