Victories Such as These

by Tamara Sawyer

Last week was such a great week! Packed full of life’s victories that come with every really good battle. I started to lose count of how many times I stood in awe of the favor that was flowing my way.

Thanks to the huge army of friends we have been blessed with, and a lot of effort on their part, and some long trips, we were able to successfully thwart some “not so nice” underhanded tactics, followed by the incredible news, after getting pulled into the head counselors office, saying they were approving all communications with my husband, oh glorious day! That one about brought me to my knees, after I went wooping thru the entire compound and everyone had thought I won the lottery! However, they were all smiling from ear to ear. I think they love my husband as much as I do after all they have heard about him. Then, I was pulled into another meeting with 2 more counselors who asked me if I would be willing to “teach” an etiquette class, and/or classes on how one should conduct themselves during a job interview. “Of course I would,” I said.
Now the biggest delima is how to deal with tatoo’s from head to toe, face and neck, and the tatoo my friend Krista has that spells “thug life” across each of her fingers between her knuckles:) Perhaps I will tell her to sit on her hands:)

We got to have another party, that included another cooking lesson, with me saying the entire time “are you sure Sharon?” and her saying “trust me, this is going to taste good!” Well, it was not great, but it was good. Our friend Tracy is leaving on Thursday. Going to be a sad day but of course we are so super happy for her.

And Friday, a letter that literally did bring me to my knees. It continues to amaze me how an experience in life, especially one that isn’t really that great, can in an instant, with mere words and a really great author, turn into something magical. You know who you are, and can I just say that in that one letter, many, many lives have been changed. Word spread in here like wildfire after I had shared it with just a few people and all I saw when I walked out of my room was a sea of tears. After, I get permission to see if I can share it on here I will let you all know what I am refering to but in the mean time, I will continue to stand in awe of all that I have been blessed with in my life:)