I can truly say the time is flying by here in Dublin

by Tamara Sawyer

I have a new friend that came about a week and a half ago but our paths just crossed a few days ago. Her name is Veronica and she actually lives just 7 miles from here, is in for the same thing I am, and got to self surrender. She will only be here for 18 months though. It’s her birthday tomorrow and she is turning 39, super fit, reminds me of one of my friends in Bend and she’s from Europe. We spend our days laughing at what life used to be and thinking of the time we will have the greatest stories to tell when we reminisce about this litte adventure. She has been a vegatarian for years but eats fish. Finally, last night at dinner she said, “I’m starving, to hell with being a vegatarian” and ate the meat. It was hysterical. Oh the things prison has us doing………

I still have not been assigned a job while I am here. We all have to work doing something. Most of the jobs are in the kitchen, outside landscaping, working in the unit’s cleaning or the recreation center, etc. Rarely does anyone get a job working in the education center, the law library, or one of the doctors offices. Well, guess what? I am going in for an interview with one of the heads of the education department tomorrow. He’s also is in charge of the law library. I really want to work in one or the other. I spend so much time there, that it only makes sense. We only have to work 3 or 4 days a week for a few hours a day, we can pretty much do whatever we want, and we just have to be available if someone needs us. So everyone think education and law library. Can’t wait.

Okay here are the funny stories of the new things I learned this week. It’s not hard to tell now when someone becomes “interested” in you, and I do my very very best to make sure EVERYONE knows I am not “interested” in anyone. Yesterday, this cute little girl, who is going home to Oregon City next Wednesday, and could use a good mentor by the way…..walked past me and some of my friends, heard us talking about this delimma that is occuring, and said “Tamara, just tell them you are strictly dickly!” We laughed until we cried. Seriously, I am not telling you most of the things people say in here. This is for sure rated PG. Most is rated triple R!

And finally, I heard from Kevin today!!!!!! Oh happy happy happy day. I have not heard a word for almost 8 weeks and so much has happened in that 8 weeks. I loved reading every single word of his 12 page letter. I got to finally hear his version of what transpired and how he felt when we realized we were going to be on the private corporate jet (ha owned by the US gov’t) together so tomorrow I think I can finally relate the story so stay tuned………