It’s been over a week since I have blogged

by Tamara Sawyer

Truly, so much is going on. I have been really contemplating the fact that time is flying by in here, much faster than it ever did at home. The more I thought about it, there really didn’t seem to be any reason, but fly by it does. Then tonight at dinner, another inmate, that I actually knew from my Century 21 days, said she believes it’s because we never have any large blocks of time that simply nothing is happening. We are always going from here to there, to meals, then back, etc……At home there are larger blocks of time that we often have when we just get to sit and do nothing at all, which rarely happens here. There are lots of people to always keep us busy as well.

On another note, I thought you all might enjoy this. I am going to refrain from making any comments (mainly because I was taught growing up that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all) because I am anxious to see if anyone else thinks the same thing I do:) This letter arrived last week, dated July 28, 2013.

The Bulletin
Sheila G Miller
Projects Reporter and Sunday Editor
1777 S.W. Chandler Ave
Bend, OR 97708

Mrs. Sawyer

I wanted to reach out to you to see whether you might be willing to sit down and talk to me for a possible article in The Bulletin. It’s clear from previous comments and also from a recent blog post that you think I have done a disservice to your family and have thus far failed to accurately portray the court case and issues you and your husband are dealing with.

That is certainly not my intention. It’s possible the reason you feel so strongly about my reporting and writing is because it has rarely featured your voice – and that is because you have not spoken to me about your financial/real estate/legal issues since you met with investors at the Phoenix Inn several years ago. I know that’s because you’ve been in the midst of a court case for the past few years. Now that the courst case is complete, I wonder if you’d reconsider.

I would very much like to get your side of the story and present it to readers. I think there are a lot of people out there who want to hear your side and frankly, I think it’s a disservice to our readers not to let the public know what you think about the case and the way that your life has changed since the federal government first began investigating your business dealings.

While I know you’re not much of a fan of mine, I hope you’ll consider writing back to me and spend a little time thinking about whether you might be willing to talk with me for an article.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Sheila Miller

Isn’t that special? Okay I changed my mind. I will say a couple of things. 1) Now that our court case is complete?????? It hasn’t even begun yet. 2) She thinks it’s a disservice to their readers not to let them know what I think about the case????? What the readers of Bend who don’t know Kevin or I think about what we think about the case is of absolute zero importance to us, and 3) I wouldn’t talk to the Bend Bulletin if my life depended on it:) There that felt so so so good! But I can’t wait to hear what all of you think about this…..

So that’s just a little piece of my week. And the BEST PART was I finally got to e-mail and mail my husband!!!!!! How I love that man. More and more every single day. I love hearing all about his days and how similar they are to mine. He is well and sends his love to everyone. Actually, he is more than well. I am so proud of that man! And to think he’s all mine. I am blessed.