Happy Thursday

by Tamara Sawyer

Over the past few days I have had lot’s of time to go back and reflect on my visit with London and how hard it was on him emotionally. I have come to the conclusion that because the only hard part for him was not having me be able to come with them or that he be allowed to spend the night with me or vice versa, that him actually seeing my and knowing I am alright, seeing the environment I am in, well that’s really the most important part. I then went a bit further in my thinking, and a sad realization dawned. There are millions of kids out there, mine included, that have suffered the pains of divorce, and having to walk away from a parent they love deeply. Situations arise that they have no control over, all they see is that someone they love is radically taken away from them. Not always, but I would bet more than not. I think often times when we as adults are in the midst of a divorce, emotionally we are so busy taking care of ourselves, that the child could often become lost in the shuffle. Seeing the pain in London’s eyes when he had to leave and didn’t understand, helped me understand with startling clarity how our adult choices and decisions effect even the littlest of bodies.

On a lighter note……..things at Club Fed are going right along. I have now added walking into my nightly routine and am up to 3.5 miles….loving that. Last night about 25 or 30 of us got locked out of the chow hall when we arrived 30 minutes earlier than they usually close it but they had just decided to “close it early” so we all stormed the Lieutenants office. That was fun for an evening adventure. Obviously, it didn’t hurt any of us. One of the girls made a comment “has anyone else noticed that we are all starting to look like Penguins around here?” I died laughing! I am not looking anything remotely like a Penguin I will have you know!!!!!

Lot’s and lot’s of fights this week. Good grief. A full moon for sure. We have been on almost a daily lock down because of them and woman have actually gone to the hospital for it. Not sure what there is so much to fight about.

I am working back in the sewing room making quilts on a daily basis. Vonda begged me back:) It’s fun though and I do enjoy it just very time consuming.