Hi All

by Tamara Sawyer

It’s Tuesday night already!!!! Lot’s going on last week and the beginning of this week. Megan and London got to go see Papa, Saturday, Sunday and Monday:) He was so so so excited and happy to see them. London loved seeing Papa as well. Megan said they got to play games and draw all weekend once again.

Life at Dublin is just moving along. They are getting ready to close the commissary for inventory so that always creates quite a stir because no one will be able to shop for 2 weeks and as they are running out of things they are not replacing them. Makes for a great bargain, trading, deal making setting. Funny is what it is!

I finally discovered something that can happen here that could lead me to perhaps reach a threshold where I could easily get in a fight. My friend Veronika that came a month after I did had a girl moved into her room who was fresh back from the shu (solitary). We went out walking one night after dinner and when we came back Veronika went to get in the shower and noticed her shower bag was super light. Upon looking a bit closer she noticed most of the things she kept in it were gone, so back to her locker she went where she quickly discovered that all of her make up was gone as well as quite a few of her clothes. Apparently, her new room mate watched her as she put the combination in her lock and decided to rob her blind while we were gone. So maddening. I was surprised at how upset it made me. Such a violation of her personal space and items. We then discover that is why she was in the Shu to begin with and she has had the problem with every room mate she has ever had. At least they moved Veronika and her other room mate out immediately.

When Megan was here weekend before last I was telling her about how strange it is here, in that whatever most of these inmates think…..they say. For instance, if they don’t like your hair, your make up, whatever they just flat tell you. If your wondering if your getting fat, no worries, someone is going to tell you in the next 24 hours. If you have a big butt, no need to ask if your butt looks big in your pants because someones gonna tell you it is. I have this red mark on my face by my eye. I have had it forever and to get rid of it, one must have it burnt off. It never occurred to me to run in and get that done as it’s really quite small. I can’t tell you how many people have asked me “what is that red thing on your face?” I have never ever had one person ask me that before and in fact probably haven’t done anything about it because I forget it’s even there. I have been asked 100 times if my teeth are real, if my boobs are fake, why is my stomach so flat….on and on and on. In discussing this with a few of my friends here, why woman feel so free to just blurt imperfections out, and we had some what come to a few conclusions, like people on drugs….well there brain cells fry at the age they started doing drugs so they don’t know any better, to… they have never been taught proper manners, to… they really enjoy putting people down and pointing out their flaws….until I finally thought to myself “well, maybe it’s not a bad thing. I wonder how many of us think all of these thoughts about our friends but just don’t say anything?” Interesting…..And then the real kicker. As I was leaving to go work out on Saturday, one of the woman here, who I really like and is at least 70 pounds overweight, asked me if I struggled with an addicted to exercise. I hit the floor laughing. “Seriously, I said? Do I look like I have an addiction to exercise?” Oh my…….And life goes on.