It’s official!

by Tamara Sawyer

I am now an employee of the federal government! Yes it’s true, I have a job and my employer, the federal government pays me a whopping .12 cents an hour! Can you believe it? It’s probably right in line with what most government employees should make:) I could not resist saying that! Anyway, my job is much more important than most of theirs I am sure because I work in the main window at the Dublin Recreation Center make sure everyone gets whatever they want to make their lives more enjoyable here. Can you think of anything better for me to do seriously? It truly makes time go faster than it already was, and I really love it. I get to meet all the other woman in all of the other units that I other wise would have never probably had the opportunity to get to know. On my first day, we had a huge campus wide Bingo game where about 500 woman came and I was on stage helping with the game so I got to see for the first time the magnitude of how many woman are really here. And that was only half of them. It was a fun weekend.

Last week at about 7:30am we were all instructed in the booming voice over the intercom to get up if we were sleeping, get our full uniforms on, and get out to the front of the building all of us! Really? It’s like herding cats! No one was in any particular hurry so the ensuing instructions got louder and more adamant. When all 350 of us finally got out to the front of the building we were greeted by a woman that I have never seen who was yelling at the top of her lungs about how we would never ever make it in the military, that if there was ever an earth quake we would all likely be dead, that if our loved ones ever call Dublin again and ask about the safety measures that have been put in place in the event of a catastrophe, they were going to be told we were lazy, and wouldn’t get out of bed, and deserve whatever fate we got, on and on and on. Looking around at everyone’s faces, I was struck once again by the thought that who ever trains these guys and/or whatever their employment manual says, I don’t think it’s very affective. For as much disdain as the woman was yelling with, the looks she was getting back were equally as bad, if not worse. Here’s the kicker of this little exercise in futility that they were doing. We were told to all line up in 3 lines, we were going to the recreation building, which was closed that day. Another fiasco ensued, because most of the woman were still half asleep, so begins the yelling again about how we would never make it in the military, and now there are at least 4 more correction officers out there along with a couple of our counselors. Off we go finally to the rec building only to arrive to be greeted by the main guy in charge of the rec building who opened the door and asked Miss Yelly Woman what on earth we were doing there and what was going on? Her reply to him was “didn’t you get the memo?” to which he replied “what memo? I am waiting for dump trucks to deliver dirt and gravel for the new track and you guys ARE NOT coming in here!” The laughing began, all 350 of us, full on laughing, for you see, some wise soul, I don’t know who yelled at that moment “you guys certainly would never make it in the military!” This woman, now was clearly off the charts mad, went and got a lieutenant who came storming by, marched into the rec building and came out moments later and told us that we were to go in the main part of the building and that we couldn’t even use the bathrooms, or go upstairs etc. When we got in the building they started attempting to seperate us by floors, upper and lower, and sides and count us. They had cards of us in books that they tried to use to count us, gave up on that, went to head count, until someone moved wrong, and at 125 they had to start all over, to okay everyone stand up and when we count you sit down, to okay well actually sit down and when we count you stand up, to I can’t wait I have to go to the bathroom really bad in the middle of the count, on and on. This event took 3 1/2 hours. Still none of us had a clue as to what we were doing in there. Most of us assumed they were “tossing” our rooms. This is where they periodically go in and do a search of every inch of the rooms looking for contraband.

Needless to say when we got back to the unit, we indeed found out it was an “earth quake” drill. Apparently, in the 80’s when San Fran had the really bad earth quake, our unit was severely damaged so they wanted to make sure they could account for all of us in the even another one occured. When we left for the rec building, they brought in a stretcher, and a couple of body bags so quickly went viral with the rumor that someone in our unit died that’s why they marched us all over to the rec building. Regardless, I have zero confidence after that fiasco, that in the event of any emergency many of us will live through it if this was the crew we are depending on for our safety:) My vote is in all of us woman prisoners!!!! We can do it!!!!!!

I am getting my hair colored today yayayayyaya!!!! I got to choose between 4 colors. Brown, black, blonde of red! Brown it is:) I can still remember when I could pull out a gray hair if I saw it. Sad but true, if I did that now I would be officially bald I think.

I will write more on Sunday night. Tonight is late night so the pinocle games are on!!! We are going to win again, I feel it in my bones.