Happy Sunday

by Tamara Sawyer

I still love my Sundays although I work now so it’s actually my Monday. This weekend for breakfast we got doughnuts both days. Saturday morning we got cream filled and today we got maple bars. Yes friends, believe it or not if you come to jail, you can eat fresh made doughnuts! I ate them both days although today I did save half of my maple bar for one of my friends here. I am telling you this to finish off a thought I had on a blog I wrote several days ago, regarding the pictures my sweet friend sent me of the Bon Voyage party we had at our house right before our sentencing. Looking at them, it occurred to me that at some point over the past couple of years I had become a real porker!!! Good grief…..where are my girlfriends to tell me that I was seriously packing on some pounds when I didn’t seem to really get the message when none of my clothes fit?

Well, there is good news. Even though I always eat the doughnuts, because really I am supporting the baking school they have here, and I want to always support the team, I am amazed at how quickly I have lost a significant amount of weight. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that when I get home I will have to either a.) alter my cooking methods and/or ingredients b.) stop drinking so darn much red wine, which I can not even fathom being an option or c.) stop making excuses as to why I don’t have time to work out.

If I choose option A, I know a lot of people in our circle of life that are not going to be very happy, including my husband, and if I choose B, I know a lot of people in our circle of friends, me being the main one, that are not going to be very happy, so I guess I should look at C, and I can think of a million benefits from that choice! I probably won’t continue eating doughnuts, but I will still have my delicious cook on….and I will have my wine! So C it is!

Every weekend I play pinocle with a group of woman here. Every weekend the thought that I can’t imagine ever sharing with anyone the conversations that occur around that table or peoples personalities when we play, get’s stronger and stronger. For instance, I always do this little jig when we win, one that really my cute little grandson London taught me. One of the woman we play with “Too Tall” is a very tall large black woman, who is my partner (in pinocle) just had to clarify that, and last night she yells “Tamara, I don’t know where the hell you learned to dance, but girl I ain’t never gonna be seen in a bar with you dancing all ghetto like that.” I promptly responded, “oh yeah, well if your such a pro, let’s see what kinda moves you got” to which the most unbelievable dance moves busted out, unlike anything anyone should ever see a 56 year old great big black woman doing, that had every single person in that day room on the floor laughing!!!! It seriously was unreal! She just kept on and on and on the more people laughed……….

So that’s my weekend!!!!!