Health & Beauty

by Tamara Sawyer

The entire compound is without water today due to the repairing or replacing of a main water line.  Watching the reactions of many inmates to this news and the stir it has created, lead me to think about some of the things in my life that has changed dramatically since I began this journey.

I remember the first few days I was incarcerated in Eugene, and the day’s of no make-up, no moisturizer, no razor’s, no lotion, no shampoo or hair products began.  Think about it ladies.  What would you do if all of a sudden you had no access to any of the products you were used to having at your disposal?  Trust me, it messes with one’s mind a little bit.  For instance, the thing that bothered me the most those few days……not being able to shave my legs.  I have shaved my legs every single day of my life for as long as I can remember.  My initial thought in Eugene, and how I dealt with it was to simply tell myself, “well, it really doesn’t matter because Kevin isn’t here so who cares?”  I cared.  I was fiercely determined to just let the hair on my legs grow….as a matter of fact I would even spend time each day looking at my legs, marveling in the growth and how it looked!  I even thought, isn’t this great I never have to be bothered with shaving my legs!  Until I had the option to buy a razor, and now…..EVERY SINGLE DAY I shave my legs and I love it!!!!!  You see it really has nothing to do with Kevin.  It’s about me, and how I feel with smooth, hairless legs.  I know now, that this will never ever change for me. 

Face creams, now the jury is still out on this one for me.  What I know for sure, is we need it badly!  However, looking in the very small mirror we have in our rooms now, I can’t say that I actually have noticed any difference what so ever in the $60 to $100 bottles and jars of creams I always bought vs the noxema and the oil of olay I now use.  It truly is almost shocking that I notice no difference what so ever.  And at night, I am using the old Hollywood secret of good old preparation H all around my eyes and it makes a huge difference!!!!  The difference between none and some is huge, so don’t ever stop moisturizing.

Hair products….A definite noticeable difference.  You have no idea how insanely depressing it is to try to keep a promise to a spouse of “I will absolutely grow my hair out the entire time I am in prison, just for you” with attempting it with hair products I have never even heard the name of before.  I have now officially tried every hair wax, jam, jell, oil, shampoo, conditioner, and color they possibly have here and none of it has helped one bit.  Oh how I miss Jade and my shampoo, conditioner, and oil! Well worth it’s money in gold!

Make up…….it really doesn’t matter.  Cheap cheap cheap cheap make up here and honestly, I don’t see the difference in what I was using at home, although the variety and selection at home is definitely more desirable.

I just realized this blog has nothing to do with health, just beauty, so for the health part, suffice it to say eating right and lot’s and lot’s of exercise cures anything and everything that ails you:)  I will say that every weekend while we play cards someone breaks out the chips, candy or cheesecake, and it inevitable leaves me feeling  yucky the next morning so I really do believe the eating part has a lot to do with it…….

Regarding the water getting shut off.  It’s fun to watch people.  Many of the woman on the compound got up for the first time and actually saw the sun rise, just so they could take an extra shower in case the water doesn’t come back on this afternoon.  At breakfast they ran out of food because they have never seen a run on breakfast like they saw today.  Many woman refused to go work out because they could not come back immediately to take a shower.  Many woman decided they were just going to stay in their rooms all day because of no water…….I wonder if any of them have ever been camping:)