by Tamara Sawyer

Having a job definitely changes things during an ordinary day in the life of being in prison. Now, for sure time is flying, however, that being said I think I have finally discovered the mystery as to why.

It came to me as I was leaving work the other day after working the 12:30 to 3:30 part of my shift, thinking “okay, I have 2 hours until I have to be back here so I am going to do this, this and this.” I got nothing done in those 2 hours because what I failed to put into the equation was the fact that we had to 1) clear the lobby for count, 2) get ready for count by getting in our rooms, doors open, standing 3) it’s impossible to accomplish all of this without having conversations with at least 10 people 4)count is cleared and now it’s time to get ready for dinner and 5) we then go to dinner and that takes about an hour as well. So I have successfully blown through 2 hours and have accomplished nothing that I intended to. This happens on a regular occurrence here no matter where we go or what we do. Everything just takes thought and has to be done in a timely manner and it has nothing to do with my time frame.

I will also say the past couple of weeks have been fun. I can’t count the times that something happened that had us laughing the kind of laugh that comes from deep in the belly. It occurred to me that there isn’t another scenario I can think of in life that any of us would be plucked from life as we know it and land in a situation that everything, every.single.thing is completely different than we could ever comprehend. Food, friends, living conditions, geographical area, daily life schedule, interactions, medical treatment, human treatment, every aspect foreign. Obviously, with that comes many opportunities where one seriously second guesses if what they see and hear are in fact real!

One friend once again, attempted to lay out, got completely sunburned on her face as well as the rest of her body, went to pill line that night and was told she was going to get a shot for “destruction of government property.” Apparently, we here at Dublin are “property” of the US Government.

We were walking back from dinner and I overheard a black girl telling her friend a story, with my favorite line of “girl I ain’t lyin….I be telling you the truth” only this time she followed it up with “and I know it’s true because that girl, she told it to me.” Oh my……It’s called inmate.com honey!

They were working on the track and were digging huge holes to try and find a break in a pipe. As we were walking we hear our names being called from somewhere but could not identify where until all of a sudden we see the top of this hat in the hole. As we walked over we realize it’s a girl here who runs all day long and was forbidden to go out on the sun deck due to indecent exposure (she likes to tan her butt) so she was laying in the dirt hole, face down with her pants off so she could tan her butt!!!! Desperate measures………..

Megan is coming to see me this weekend again, so happy about that. I am going to try and blog more often so I can actually remember all the funny things that happen. Our Saturday night card games got interrupted again this weekend due to one of the people playing with us having to do random ua’s. Those are always fun. They make us strip naked and make us pee in front of them. I always say, imagine the poor soul who get’s to claim that as a job every day of their lives…..geeeez.

Oh and the leaves are changing on the trees, so beautiful and the geese are flying in by the hundreds. Apparently they all live here and come back every year. The guards over the years have harrassed them so bad with their flashlights that whenever the geese hear the jingle of keys they attack the guards. One of the guards last year was being chased by the geese and actually fell and broke his wrist. When a bunch of the inmates were laughing hysterically at the scene, 2 of them got put in the shoe as an example to everyone else.

And I don’t know if I told you we have a racoon that lives on the campus here. She had 5 babies, and last week as we were walking the track the little guys climed right up the electric fencing that goes around the perimeter and right over out into the field. We couldn’t believe it. We decided we shouldn’t try it:)

That’s it for tonight off to bed I go.