Okay here is another promised blog…..

by Tamara Sawyer

A lot of things are different in my life for obvious reasons. On the surface due to my circumstances one would think that life is pretty miserable HOWEVER, (with me there is always an upside) I want everyone to know that there are some experiences in life that happen all around us that under normal circumstances are simply passing us by.

For instance, I get to see the most amazing sunsets every single night. I walk on the track and every loop around I get to watch the majesticness (if that is even a word) of the sun sinking behind the hills. It’s so beautiful. Yesterday as we were walking in the morning I came upon a spider that I swear was as big and furry as a tarantula and it was very much alive but barely moving. Upon closer inspection, and yes we did kick a bit of dirt on it to make sure it was alive, we noticed hundreds of tiny little spiders running out from underneath of it. It was having babies, I am sure of it!!!! We could visibly see it’s stomach going down while we were down looking at it.

Several times it has struck me over the last day or so how awesome that really was to watch……and we get to see the sun rise every morning without feeling the need to rush off and not enjoy these moments.

That’s a plus…………………….