Last night another 52 woman arrived here at Dublin…

by Tamara Sawyer

It always amazes me how there is room for so many more woman but somehow there always is.

It reminded me of a couple of fun stories. There is a woman named Barb that I met during my 1 night stay in Multnomah Counties 5 star hotel jail in downtown Portland. You remember, it’s the one on the 7th floor of the high-rise that every bed in the jail has a window that spans the length of the bed with a view of the downtown Portland skyline, or the river. A very expensive piece of real estate I might add for a jail no less. Anyway, I was there for exactly 1 night, so excited, it was like paradise after Lane County, and met Barb within minutes of getting there. She was a couple of cells down from me and we immediately hit it off. The very next day, late morning I was told to roll up. I was shocked because I loved it there. Barb told me do not worry they are taking you to the 8th floor where it’s even better than it is here because you get to stay outside your room most of the day and it’s much nicer. I was so excited. Unbeknown to both of us, I was going out to Inverness which was another nightmare, that quickly turned out okay.

2 weeks ago I hear someone yelling my name, turn around and it was Barb. We were so excited to see each other. It’s funny listening to her side of what transpired when they took me to Inverness. Apparently all the inmates were looking for me. When they knew someone was going up to the 8th floor they would tell them to look for me and send word back down, so when they couldn’t find me she said they would all talk about me and wonder where I was. They said they had never seen anyone come into jail that looked so much like they didn’t belong there but also had such a great attitude. So we are together here now.

Then last week, at breakfast I hear someone shriek my name and there is this cute little girl that clung to me in Las Vegas. She asked me if I would be her stand in mom. Of course I would. She ate every meal at my table and when she was awake, which wasn’t very often she followed me around like a little puppy dog but she seriously is quite the little gangster. She only weighs 100 pounds soaking wet. After we had a couple of meetings here, we are in different units so it makes it hard to hook up at meals, she told me very quietly, “when you left Pahrump that night, I cried myself to sleep.” Isn’t that so sweet.

Moral of the story is……I guess I am becoming well known in the prison circuit 🙂 Seriously, it is fun to get to meet back up and see some of the faces I saw in other places.