School is in session…

by Tamara Sawyer

Not sure if I posted but I am in beginning computers, mainly to learn whatever I possible can and I am learning a lot. Unbeknownst to me, apparently there is a lot about basic computers I did not know. Evidenced by the fact that I flunked my first test. Yes, true story I flunked. When we were all sitting in class and the teacher called out about 8 of us that flunked, letting us know that we had to make the test up and if we didn’t pass we were not going to be allowed to take any future classes, I leaned over to the girl next to me and said quietly “did she say Sawyer?” She said “yes, Sawyer, she said Sawyer.” Then she immediately said, “don’t worry, I will help you pass.” I busted up laughing!!!! Seriously, I flunked basic computers. Only in prison can you flunk a class like that. I promptly told my new found friend that while I appreciated her attempts to help me pass, I was determined to do it on my own. I have learned far to many ways to break the law and be a convict here so the last thing I need to learn is how to cheat on a test as well:) The next one I took I got a 100%. Apparently, they are pretty technical about the answers and want a book answer rather than my terminology of what I think “hardware” is.

I felt like I had to confess since the cute girl next to me that knew I flunked walked by me at visiting while I was with Megan and told her “your mom flunked her basic computer test!” Ha, Megan looked at me with shock and disbelief in her eyes, but then even she busted up laughing. Maybe I should tell them I don’t have a high school education so I can take the GED course as well.

I then went out this morning and signed up for basic typing and got immediately into the class and what fun that was. On some of the quizzes I could type 63 words a minute and on the others it turned out to only be 16. So, look at all I am learning in that class as well. I have to go Monday thru Friday from 6:30am to 7:30am for 6 weeks. These fingers will be flying by the time I am through.

I got an e-mail from Kevin this morning. He had written it at 7:30 on Saturday morning. He was telling me what time it was, when in the next sentence he said, I am sure your still sleeping, all warm and cuddly in bed……….???????? What on earth!!! I am up every single morning by 5:20am so why he would think I was still in bed was beyond me until I realized that he always left in the morning with me still warm and cuddly in bed. Oh for those days again:) I also asked his permission to share the sweetest thing ever that he said to me……he told me that as much as he misses me, he misses my voice. Bet you never thought you would hear me say that, was the next sentence. Isn’t that so sweet? I didn’t think I would ever hear him say that. It’s amazing what time apart will do. Can’t tell you how much I love that man.