Government Shutdown

by Tamara Sawyer

As the Federal shutdown continues it’s been interesting talking to a few of the employees here at Dublin and hearing how it is affecting their lives. They all have to work still, are not getting paid, and won’t, until a “date not certain” in the future, and with that they were officially deemed “essential” employees, which the government further states that should they choose to not show up for work, or try to take sick time, or vacation time that they are considered to have gone AWOL. True story. Can you imagine being asked to show up for work every single day without pay because of the likes of our federal government not being able to pull it together?

That being said, you know where my mind goes!!! I wonder who else is considered an “essential” employee. Scott Bradford perhaps, I doubt it, I don’t think he’s essential, but then who am I? Also, I wonder about Olive Oil? Is she considered an “essential” employee. For those of you who don’t know who Olive Oil is she’s that character on Poepye that many people nicknamed the FBI agent that was working on our case. It would be fitting though if they were considered “essential” because in the back of my mind I remember something happening during the Nazi, Germany era that had to do with “essentials” that have the same flavors as this.

Okay those are my words for this Sunday. I really hope I am not getting a bad attitude about this…’s just been on my mind a lot this week. Good thing we have these federal employees to protect and watch over us criminals without pay that the other really super duper “essential” ones put us here!!!!!!!!!!!

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