Time for another “Prison Blog”

by Tamara Sawyer

Have you ever gone to let’s say Texas for a period of time or perhaps another country and noticed that it sure doesn’t take long before you start talking like the people you are surrounded by? Well that has happened to me………..and I am mortified……….simply mortified.

Imagine my surprise, when I walked by one of the Supervisors the other day and he told me about something that happened over the weekend and I replied “that’s what’s up with it, Mr. _____” UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I mean what he said was funny but seriously………or how about the moment last week when I heard myself telling one of my “people” that when I told her something I didn’t expect her to “put it on blast” or when I said to my room mate after something really good actually happened “oh trust and believe” or how about when I saw someone at chow hall that came back after a state writ and when another person at the table commented on whether she was “new” I replied “no, she’s been down a minute” or when I actually heard something the other day that shocked me…….I seriously said “shut the *&$# up,” I know, don’t judge me, I already did that for myself.

The language here is completely different than anywhere I have ever been, and it’s consistent. Always consistent. Like when someone tells you something and they want to know if you understand, it’s “do you feel me?” When someone is feeling left out, ignored, mad or anything at you the terminolgy is simply “I’m feeling some kind of a way” or when someone is walking by you rather than say “Hi” it’s either “whaaaatttttsss happeninnnnn” or “I see you” or “you good?” If someone is less than perfect ha, the term is “she’s shady like that” and I admit I have now used that little slang more than a dozen times in conversations…..and then there’s “hell’s to the no” rather than “no” and last, another one I find myself constantly saying is “I’m just sayin”…………HELPPPPPPP me friends!!! I promise I will work on my normal vocabulary every single day so that this doens’t come home with me okay:)

I finally got my copy of Orange is the New Black yesterday. I am on page 27 so have not read much of what is happening but can’t wait for sure. On a side note, lot’s of my friends were in Danberry and they just closed that prison down.

Have a great rest of the week.