Lot’s of e-mails asking for blogs so here I go…

by Tamara Sawyer

I do have to preface this by saying that when I was in visitation this weekend with some amazing friends whom I have grown to just love and love and love more……it occurred to me that I was just a wee bit, not sure how I was but, out of sorts may just sum it up. Actually, DISGUSTED with some of the things that are occurring in my world here at Dublin would be a better way to put it, so that being said, take what I am about to say with a grain of salt.

I am experiencing our Government at it’s finest. I get to be blessed enough to sit here and watch how they spend money, how they use our tax payer dollars, and what a complete farce most of it is. I have been well aware of this for the past 5 years, have had conversations about it, Kevin and I have discussed it, I have pondered it, and never quite made much sense out of it. I will say that I never gave it much energy, until recently.

We have a new Warden in town. None of us really cared if there was a new Warden in town because rules are rules, right? Follow the rules we all get along and everything’s good. What we didn’t quite count on or even consider is the absolute ridiculousness of the show that was going to ensue when he actually showed up. It’s hilarious. Don’t get me wrong we are all benefiting from this in ways we never thought possible. No more yelling and screaming ridiculous things by CO’s in the dining hall, everyone that works here is on their best behavior, the food is even better for the time being. The little “mainline” show they do at lunch time every day that cost’s tax payers roughly $400.00 an hour by having everyone that works in upper management line up and be available for feedback from inmate’s that they snarl at or tell to suck it up and who cares, has completely changed for the week at least. Everyone is so caring and so into listening to what the inmates have to say but this takes the cake……the prayer of every woman here is “I hope I stay healthy” because if anything and I mean anything happens you are on your own. I have lost count at how many times we have watched woman fall to the ground having seizures, passing out, falling and hurting themselves, and no one cares. There is zero sense of urgency and in fact, there usually is about 5 or 6 people standing around doing nothing trying to figure out what to do. So imagine our surprise when someone got sick Friday and the new Warden himself and one of the upper management people put that dear woman in a wheelchair and personally pushed her over to medical. You have never seen so many woman’s faces with their jaws dropped!!!! Of course then we all started laughing wondering where the TV camera’s were thinking perhaps they are filming a commercial for Dublin:)

I told you I have a sour attitude………How about the announcement we got today over our loud speaker from the unit CO saying “All you ladies that are all of a sudden mysteriously sprouting all these new birth marks all over your necks, better get yourself under control or I am going to start giving out shots!” Really????? Really? Shot’s as in loss of privileges….That’s what we get to listen to all day:)

Okay more later I promise…..Kevin has a new Warden too. I wonder how they are getting along at the mens side?