Thanksgiving in prison

by Tamara Sawyer

I can not lie, was not bad. We had as good of a meal as almost any Thanksgiving dinner I have ever had. The bakery crew made the most amazing home made rolls, the turkey was smoked, we had ham, real mashed potatoes and gravy, cornbread stuffing, the works…….

What was really funny about it was as my friend and I were walking right after dinner I realized that the feeling of being so full had become completely foreign to me. It used to be an almost nightly occurrence, but not anymore. Sue and I had a good laugh over it, because I hated the way I felt. How did I ever get from that feeling every night to the one I now have every night. It’s awesome!

Then to cap off the 4 day Thanksgiving weekend………Bend Oregon showed up in Dublin California! Well part of Bend Oregon but one of the most important parts. At the end of the weekend, and the amazing visits I had, I can truly now say that everything Kevin has been saying to me over the past few months, I get. Through all of this, the good, the bad, the really awful, and the ugly, the one thing that we both feel such deep gratitude for is the depth of the relationships, and so many of them that we have with friends that have stood stoically beside us through all of this. I was reminded again this weekend when I heard quite a few stories of how these precious devoted friends of ours have stood up for us when people who don’t know us, never have met us, speak to and about things they have no idea about. I wonder if it will ever stop breaking my heart and bringing me to tears every time I hear the stories. They shouldn’t have to fight our battles, yet they do every single time. I have come to the conclusion that having gone through so much, I have the innate ability to deflect vicious gossip easily now, because I know the truth, but watching people I love so much go to battle for us……well that truly is the sign of a hero and I only hope that some day I can be and do as much as all of these people. I probably won’t do it quite as eloquently as some of the stories I have heard because after all, I am learning how to be quite the little scrapper in here:)

So Monday is here, and we are off towards Christmas. It’s been 7 months, the next 7 are going to fly by and I will be home by next Christmas. You can count on it! Our appeal is beautifully scripted and well said. Victory is ours!

Happy Holidays