Christmas in Prison

by Tamara Sawyer

As Christmas is past and New Year’s is only days away I wanted to post a blog about what my Christmas was like in prison.

First I should say that every housing unit, the education department, the chapel and the chow hall all have Christmas trees in them that are beautiful. Also, they had a competition here in all the units for a door decorating contest. You guessed it, my door had nothing on it. I am the least creative person in the world when it comes to art and my other 2 room mates were right there with me. I was going to try to push myself to do it and then thankfully didn’t because lo and behold, a very angry, mean CO came to work one night, not one of the regulars, and decided that everyone’s decorations that they had spent hours on, were to far up their doors, because the memo that came out said they were supposed to stop at the window in the door so if we were not home he ripped them all down and threw them away and if someone was home, he made them choose between cutting them off or ripping them down. Unbelievable some people are such jerks…….especially since the new warden had just been in to see them all and didn’t say a word about them.

So….that being said the other interesting thing that happened is on the 19th they called us all down to the chow hall and gave us egg nog, cookies, fresh veggies with ranch dip. As we were walking out the back door of the chow hall we got handed huge bags filled with every kind of junk food you could ever imagine. I mean to tell you these bags were as big as pillow cases and they where filled with chips, candy bars, cookies, oatmeal, breakfast bars, the list goes on and on. Come to find out on Christmas Eve Kevin got the same thing. Very nice of our government to load us all up like that.

Okay now to the Christmas part. Imagine if you had the opportunity to get to spend Christmas with not one ounce of stress about anything. Not shopping, not parties, not decorating, not cooking, not traveling or deciding who you were going to spend it with…..nothing and in fact get to spend it thinking about exactly what it’s all really about. That’s what I was blessed enough to get to do. And it was SO peaceful. I missed elf on a shelf, my grandkids, and my kids, friends and my family, but I miss them every single day so it was not that much different for me.

Now the best part. It was 72 degrees out, I sat under a tree on the rec yard with a couple of friends and played games all afternoon while soaking up the sun. And then we went to a movie at the rec barn. All in all the most bizarre “Christmas” I have ever spent.

And by the way, Kevin and I still split duties and his job was to send out Christmas cards this year, which he did an amazing job of so everyone that got them………they really were from me as well:)))) I wonder what he’s going to make me do now???? I know it won’t be laundry:)

Love to all.