2014 It’s the New Year…..

by Tamara Sawyer

Thankfully 2013 is behind us. It’s been awhile since I have blogged and so much has happened. I got moved to a new unit and I can not tell you how happy I am and how different it is. In fact it’s so much different that I still find myself walking around thinking I need to pinch myself to see if it’s all real. I got moved into a room last week with only 1 other woman that has been here for 14 years. She is a supervisor over at the call center, my age, and lot’s of fun. We are actually in a 3 man room with only 2 of us in there, and the room is so super nice, clean, freshly painted, on an upper floor (I have only had a lower floor room in the past) and the view is amazing. It looks out over the hills.

I can’t tell you exactly why it’s so much different in this unit but it doesn’t seem like it should be when I really think about it. In my old unit the guards were constantly yelling over the intercoms and the age of the woman were different, perhaps younger. It was so much noisier, where here it’s all woman that are the teachers, or food service workers, or have been here for awhile so it’s nice. Lot’s of interaction on a positive level. Plus they don’t put a lot of the new arrivals here so there is not that constant revolving door thing going on.

I have been taking yoga classes now for about a month 3 days a week and they are 2 hour classes. I love them! I am shocked at how strong my body has gotten. Our instructor is one of the woman that drinks her morning urine and thinks its super healthy I might add, but she is one of the best instructors I have ever had. She’s a little different, and often my friend Lynn and I just die laughing at the things she says or has us do that one would likely never hear in a normal yoga class. For instance, the other day she had us get in what’s called a birthing pose which is laying on your back with your legs spread as far apart as you can get them with your knees bent. Now this is already a bit ackward, laying there like that but imagine our surprise when she said, “now don’t be alarmed if you feel your vagina start twitching right now, it’s completely normal.” It took everything in me not to bust out laughing but the minute I turned my head and looked at Lynn it was over!!!! She immediately said……”after 4 years my vagina can twitch all it wants!” Hilarious!!!! Who says this kind of stuff in a normal class???? We could not stop laughing and to this day everytime we even think about it we laugh until we cry.

On another note for the first time ever I didn’t have a New Years Resolution to lose weight!!! I have now officially lost almost all the weight I have been trying to lose so my new goal is to get “cut” by lifting weights and firming up. One of the supervisors in the recreation department who is a professional body builder and has a degree is health and fitness and competes regularly, adds something new to my workout routines every month. Last month he tried to get me to do pull ups and when we figured out I couldn’t even do one we had to alter my plan a bit and now this month he told me I had to do 250 burbeeps a week!!!! Good grief! Oh well my husband is going to not recognize me when I get home:) He’s gonna love it!

Happy New Year everyone.