Guilty again………

by Tamara Sawyer

It has been a long time since my last blog. A lot of changes, I not only moved units, I just got moved rooms as well and am now perfectly located in the very end wing room that is located directly across from the phone that everyone uses. Now I have some great stories. To understand how comical being in the room I am now in is, I have to tell you that in order to make a phone call here we all had to pre-record our names so that when we call someone it automatically tells them who we are. What none of us knew nor were we told, is that when we record our names every single time we make a call from that day forward to access the phone we have to repeat our name exactly and I mean exactly like we recorded it, same tonality, same speed, same voice inflection the whole thing. That being said you can imagine what happens after someone tries to say their name over and over again and it won’t take, and to complicate it even further as if any of this wasn’t enough, after 3 tries the phone hangs up on you and you must start the process all over again. Without fail every single time someone tries saying their name and it won’t take the string of profanities that comes is hysterical. AND being in the room I am in now my room mates are always offering to say the persons name for them because they have heard it so stinkin many times over the years that they can say it almost verbatim by heart.

Another funny story….I used to think that Torett’s Syndrom was just something that they included in funny movies and that no one really ever had the disease. Until now. There is a girl here that has it and when I tell you it is so off the wall wild the things she does and the stuff she breaks out with…..yesterday I heard her laughing all the way in my new room and I mean to tell you she can laugh loud! I could no longer stand it so I jumped up and ran out of the room to see what on earth she could possibly be watching that would make her laugh so hard and loud. Lo and behold she was watching a Macy’s commercial! Seriously. When she gets on the phone she has conversations that are so far off the wall its amazing. She will get on the phone, with no one on the other end of the line and talk non-stop without taking a breath hardly about things that never ever happened and really make no sense what so ever. Right in the middle of the conversation she starts saying her name again over and over.

It’s also amazing that no matter how hard we try the entire wing hears the entire conversations that people are having and those alone could fill a book. The good news is it always makes me more aware of what I want to talk about in my limited time I get on the phone.

So everyone that I am getting letters from I am now in unit A/B so you need to change the address when you write to me. Hey another interesting fact about this unit. We have bathtubs in the showers!!! The reason why they are only in this unit…..Patty Hursts parents paid to have them installed when she was here! How’s that for a tidbit of news?

Okay tomorrow I am going to blog about Job Opportunities here at Dublin so stay tuned!