Health Care

by Tamara Sawyer

There is a saying that is near and dear to everyone and anyone who has ever been in Federal Prison and perhaps State or County that you better not get sick in here or you will likely die here. Thankfully I am healthy as a horse and have always been blessed with amazing health.

So let imagine my surprise when I saw my name on the call out for a mamogram on Friday. This should be fun, I thought to myself. I went up to medical and surprisingly was called back within an hour (the usual wait time for any medical is 2 to 3 hours). In a room I went and lo and behold they were training someone new to do the mamograms so there were 2 ladies there and they said “okay take your clothes off.” Just like that…..get em off let’s go, time’s awastin………so off went my clothes, it doesn’t take long in here to not be shy any longer, just like having a baby…….and then after all of that, I can say it was one of the funnest mamograms I have ever had because the new lady was super sweet and they discussed all of their findings right in front of me which was nothing but she did have to take them over again because she got my chin in a couple of them. Hmmmmmm how does that happen you might ask? Well I am going to go with “it must be my new work out routine working” hahahahahaha.

Now my poor husband on the other hand….after convincing him to go to medical because he thinks he may have a sinus infection, he did go, waited the 2 hours, to be told that the doctor wouldn’t be in for 3 weeks and he should come back then! Again, that’s our government working for us. Perhaps they should consider letting us keep our own insurance AND USE IT!

I was called in on Wednesday on the call out for an “x-ray.” When I got to medical there were about 20 of us there for this “x-ray.” When we sent one of the workers back to ask the woman doing the “x-ray’s” why they were “x-raying” us she told her it was none of our damn business and we were having “x-ray’s” because our names were on the call out to have one. I told the head medical guy I was refusing the “x-ray,” he said “Sawyer, you can’t refuse it” I said “watch me, your not radiating my body for no reason, and I am leaving now to go talk to the Warden about this, to which he replied, “now Sawyer, I will just end up putting your name right back on the list” to which I smiled nicely (because I am taking hormones now so I am much nicer these days) and said “we shall see.” I went looking for the Warden, could not find him because he was in another unit, ran into my bunky who conviced me to go back and sit there and she would come with me so we could play cards or something and by the time we had gotten back (2 hours from the time I had my call out time) they cancelled all of the x-rays and told us they would put us all back on the call out!

So yes folks that’s what I do every day:) At least I don’t have to drive anywhere to do absolutely nothing all day right?

More later……