It’s amazing what one can learn by being in prison

by Tamara Sawyer

For instance did you know that high speed car chases cause nearly 400 deaths per year in the US and cost the government more than a billion dollars a year in damages, lawsuits, and medical expenses? Well, there is a company called StarChase that has just come up with a solution that is being used by several police departments already that consists of a double barreled compressed air unit that is installed in the grille of a police car and is loaded with twin 4.5 inch GPS projectiles sticky “bullets” that stick onto a suspects car. It is launched using an in car console or remote key fob! The system uses laser acquisition to target the suspect’s fleeing or stationay car and then shoots one of the GPS cartridges like a spud out of a potato gun at its rear end so that once it’s tagged, the GPS module relays the car’s coordinates, heading, and speed every 3 to 5 seconds to police dispatch. One roadblock is the price apparently which is $5,000 per police car and each bullet costs about $250.00 a pop, pardon the pun………Technology at it’s best but wait there’s more………

New technology has arrived that can perform a drug test using finger prints in a matter or moments. Thanks to new. real-life technology from Paul Yates and his colleagues at Intelligent Fingerprinting, fingerprints can now be used because if you are on drugs, you sweat out evidence in your fingers. You won’t be sweating out the actual drugs, but rather unique, broken-down by-products. The exact amounts are minusclue, but with this technology, that information can be used to dtermine if the finger’s owner has been using or is currently under the influence of drugs like nicotine, cannabis, cocaine and even methadone! It works by coating the fingerprint residue with gold nanoparticles covered in antibodies. The antibodies will then stick to certain metabolites (byproducts of drugs, specifically) at which point a dye will highligh the metabolites the antibodies have singled out and bam, quick and easy drug testing.

This is what happens when you have lots of time to read magazines and books. I am just a wealth of information now that I never would have known before:)

Other than that the only thing going on is that spring is finally sprung here, the baby geese have all been born and I probably know more about geese than I ever ever ever ever wanted to know, and man are they cute when born but within days they start getting really ugly and by 2 weeks they are almost as big as the parents and super duper ugly. Doesn’t take long for these little guys to grow that’s for sure.

That’s it for now. A couple of good fights this week out in the middle of the yard but nothing else really going on to speak of.