Valentine’s Day

by Tamara Sawyer

What a weekend. It’s interesting how different our perspectives on certain holidays can be when we are taken completely out of the lifestyle we have become accustomed to living. Take for instance my present location (okay prison let’s just say that) and an all woman’s prison that, agree or disagree, has a large degree of gay people and let’s face it, we are woman so by nature we love Valentines Day. Hearts, flowers & love abound. It was and always is on every holiday fun for me to sit back and watch what goes on in the making, planning and executing gifts, decorations or just simply displays of affection by making food, planning a special meal etc. A great deal of these woman are truly gifted in what they can pull off with next to nothing! It was really fun to watch, until the morning of Valentines Day that is when the compound officers started taking and throwing into the trash anything that even looked like it had anything to do with Valentines Day. Then they proceeded to spread the word to all the units early in the morning that they better not see anyone walking across the compound with anything that looked like it either. (Well good morning to you as well) Why you ask? Who knows. I am sure if you ask them they have some BOP explanation that they are going to use to justify why they would take something that someone spent hours using their creative minds to make and simply trash it. If you ask the woman here…well they have a completely different theory that ranges from, “they are just jealous that no one got them anything for Valentines Day ” to “their just complete jerks” to well the rest, I probably shouldn’t repeat here. But alas, we are woman and the game then became how to get around the officers that were behaving badly!

The other thing that I discovered this weekend is that all these geese that fly in here every fall, and there are a ton of them, have such an amazing mating story. When they mate they mate for life!!!! Isn’t that awesome? They mate on water, then come back to the same place they were born every single year. However, what is still up in the air is which place do they go? Where the male was born or the female?

My other Valentines Day weekend story is one that melts my heart. My sweet husband was speaking to someone that is fairly prominent in Bend’s social circles the other day and after all the perfunctory topics and questions were out of the way the man asked him how I was and if we were still married. Kevin responded, “they can take everything I own in my life, but they will never take my wife away from me.” Melted my heart. I have always known that God blessed me the day I met that man but he just keeps reminding me every single day just how blessed I am. And by the way husband, I feel the exact same way, my Valentine for life!

Last, while I was sitting in visiting finishing up a morning visit with a great friend, I looked up and who was walking through the door completely unannounced is one of my beautiful daughters! On her way from LA to Portland her plane landed in San Francisco, broke down and she had a 8 hour lay over until she could get on her flight so she rented a car, bought some shoes that they would let her in with, and here she was! So awesome!

Okay that’s my new take on Valentines Day. My last thought is that in watching TV the morning of Valentines Day it seems like everything was geared to what if you forgot Valentines Day and needed to pull something together really quick? Shouldn’t Valentines Day be every day if your in love? I don’t know maybe I have to much time on my hands:) Or maybe I am madly in love:)