What an amazing week it has been…

by Tamara Sawyer

I got to talk to Kevin for the first time in 2 years. Well, we did get to hear each others voices once when we were both teleconferenced in on a court hearing about a year ago and that felt like the most amazing thing that ever happened. This, this was truly like winning the lottery. Lot’s of things happened that I didn’t expect. I had 300 minutes to “burn up” before I re-validated in one week. (we are only allowed to use 300 minutes worth of phone calls per month) When I tell you I used every minute, I used every minute. So, after the 2nd call I was instantly transported back in time to a place as though nothing has happened. It was like every time in our lives that I have ever picked up the phone and called my husband. I.LOVED.IT!!!! Second, and what I didn’t anticipate, is that it made me miss him more than ever! So many times in a day now when I find myself deeply missing that man! I wish we were golfing, I wish I was in the yard working, I wish we could be sitting on the deck with a glass of wine, I wish I was cooking dinner at home right now, I wish, I wish, I wish. All of the wishes with him in the picture. Don’t get me wrong I have always missed him but now….Oh how I miss that man. All of that being said the very best part was I got to pester him:) It was only after about the 5th call that it started. It just came back. I didn’t mean for it too it simply just rolled out of my mouth…..honey……are you putting cream on your face every morning and every single night? There was silence on the other end of the phone for quite a few seconds. Helllllllooooo, helllllooooo, then, “no, I have not been putting cream on my face!” And then we started laughing. Ah ha! Now are you still so happy to hear my voice mister? Of course he was. (and a few days later I did receive an e-mail saying that he had started putting cream on his face again:)

About 3 days into our phone calls I was telling Kevin I was laying in bed early one morning thinking, ohhhhh I wish my husband was here to bring me a cup of coffee and wave it in front of my nose like he always does to get me out of bed, when a memory of something he said sharply interrupted my beautiful thoughts….so of course I jumped straight up out of bed because I had to clarify it with him, you know I can call him now. It went like this. “Hello? Hi honey, it’s me. Hi love, how are you this morning? Well, thank you. Hey you know when we were talking the other day and you said “have you been thinking about what you are going to do when you get home? Yes. Well what exactly did you mean by that because it sounded like you have all kinds of plans for what I should be doing when I get home, and can I at least lay around for a few days?” He said NO!!!! The he capitulated and said yes for a couple of days, but warned me that the minute I get home that the days of napping, reading, exercising whenever I wanted and just hanging out are OVER!!!!! Imagine that!

So life has been awesome just hearing the voice that grounds me, makes me smile, makes me laugh, gives me comfort and that I have grown to depend and lean on.