Birthday Weekend

by Tamara Sawyer

Sometimes certain birthdays and events stand out in our lives more than others. I will never forget my 50th birthday party, I had the greatest friends a person could ever hope for surrounding me, or my 30th birthday, as it still marks the one birthday that I felt my age more than any other for some reason…..but this birthday weekend, well it takes the cake! I got to see Kevin after 2 years. I still think there is some message in the fact that I got to see him exactly 2 years to the date from the last time I physically was able to touch him, and I will tell you this, after 5 minutes it was like no time had passed at all. It’s odd how that happened. It was like we were on a picnic, sitting outside drinking coffee just chatting away. So much to talk about, so many stories to tell. We laughed and laughed, and planned and talked.

When he left, with Megan, I was sad, but actually felt more excited than sad because I knew he would be back and I also knew that we had passed a huge milestone in our lives and what this really means is we are on to bigger and more exciting times. It was also a great reminder after living here day in and day out that I have such a great life, and the best kids, grand kids and friends a person could ever hope to find.

So while we are allowed only a hug and a kiss when we first see each other, and a hug and a kiss when we leave, our connection is so strong that nothing can break it, and look out when I get home! I called Sara last night, Sunday, to talk to her and London and she said, “Mom, Kevin said you looked so so good he couldn’t believe it!” I laughed, because truthfully, on the 2nd day he did keep telling me that, but I am kinda thinking this is either like the pink swimsuit story, where I only heard about what he really thought a year later, OR it’s that of course I looked really really good, the poor man has been all alone for 2 years, OR he really is excited that I do look wwwwawaaaaayyyyyyy better than I did when we started this prison journey:) And for me, all that really matters is that my husband was here and he really really really was excited to see me and thinks I look great!

Husband, if you are reading this, know that you are the most amazing man, steadfast, honorable, filled with integrity, strong, loving, solid, and I am blessed to call you my own. Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you! Now don’t forget to put cream on your face okay? hahahahahah (you knew that was coming)