Update On My Mom…

by Tamara Sawyer

So many of you have inquired into how my mom is doing so wanted to give you an update. I actually got to speak with her on the phone yesterday when I called my dad’s cell phone. He put her on speaker and the minute she heard my voice she started crying and telling me how much she missed me. It broke my heart. It was super hard to understand what she was saying but I believe the gyst of it is that she is working really hard trying to learn to speak again and doing her physical therapy. Last Wednesday they moved her to Mt. Angel where there is a facility that will help her get strong enough to go back to the hospital in Salem and enter the PT section of the hospital where they focus on rehabilitation. She isn’t strong enough to be able to do it now. Dad said the move the the facility in Mt. Angel was pretty tough on her but she’s a trooper and is not complaining at all, she just gets very tired. When she starts her rehab she will be doing it 6 times a day for a half an hour a day. That process will take about 3 weeks and then they will release her to go home if she does well.

Dad also said that she is getting some feeling back on the bottom of her right foot and she sits up now in a wheelchair to eat using her left hand. She is just so happy to have the feeding tubes out of her nose. She kept pulling them out and everytime she did they would have to take her down stairs to x-ray to put them back in.

So all in all God is working miracles in her life. While she knows who people are it’s still unclear how her memory is so we don’t know if she remembers a lot of events. Dad said she doesn’t even know she smoked for most of her life so she isn’t missing that, but she knew I was not home and knew why I think so it’s up in the air. My brother said she always responds to him and his girlfriend, but doesn’t say much about the past. We just keep praying for complete healing and appreciate everyone’s prayers as well.

Love to all.