Wellllllll…………it’s been an interesting couple of weeks.

by Tamara Sawyer

I learned something about myself. I am a horrible, terrible, aweful fighter! So as you may or may not have heard it is true ~ I got myself into a bit of a tussle and I am not to proud to say that I definately, most definitely, lost. Not only did I lose but after the first punch came I found myself on the ground so fast that I couldn’t even register what the heck had happened before the next one came. Oh and by the way….all that talk about protecting your face and all those lessons I have had here…..well, they don’t work. At least for me they don’t work. I couldn’t even think straight let alone think about protecting my face and that being said….well, I am toothless in jail once again, only this time it isn’t going to be as easy to fix as last time. And I am still, after almost 3 weeks, sporting the remains of what was two very black eyes, but no more fat, cut up lip, and my nose….well that’s a whole other story. The jury is still out on that one. It isn’t broken, but it’s got a pretty flat ridge on it and a not so nice cut that didn’t heal up to be very attractive.

So what did I learn from all of this? Never, ever, ever, never get in the middle of a argument between a “stud broad” and her girlfriend. Doesn’t matter if the girlfriend is right AND she’s your friend AND you feel sorry for her…..just don’t do it. That’s what I have learned. And I learned that instead of protecting my face I should learn some ninja turtle moves on how to get back up in a flash if I get knocked down…..or maybe I should just stay the same with a big heart for the underdog and stay out of people’s business. Hmmmmmm for me that seems like an almost impossible task but I do need to keep in mind that “Toto, I am not in Kansas anymore” and the rules here are just different.

Sure glad I am in a “correctional facility” by government definition!!!! Sure hope they are correcting something here. I for one still have not figured out what it is but hey, it’s the government so they must be doing something right. Maybe it’s top secret information not meant for any of us to know?????

Oh and the other thing I learned….if you get in a fight and even if it wasn’t your fault or you didn’t participate, well, you still get to go to the SHU (Special Housing Unit) and hang out for a couple of weeks….another reason I should probably mind my own business:)

So, there you have it, for all of those that have been so worried and not hearing from me I have been a bit of an adventure. Strangly, it’s not as bad as I always thought it would be but it sure wasn’t fun either.

Hope everyone’s summer is as adventurous as mine has been in a very different way:)